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Kenya : ウィキペディア英語版

|ethnic_groups_year = 2012〔
|capital = Nairobi
|latd=1 |latm=16 |latNS=S |longd=36 |longm=48 |longEW=E
|largest_city = Nairobi
|government_type =
|leader_title1 = President
|leader_name1 = Uhuru Kenyatta
|leader_title2 = Deputy President
|leader_name2 = William Samoei Ruto
|legislature_type = Bicameral
|legislature = Parliament
|upper_house = Senate
|lower_house = National Assembly
|area_km2 = 581,309
|area_sq_mi = 224,080
|area_rank = 49th
|area_magnitude = 1 E11
|percent_water = 2.3
|population_estimate = 45,010,056〔(Country Comparison :: Population ). ''The World Factbook''.〕
|population_estimate_year = 2014
|population_estimate_rank = 31st
|population_census = 38,610,097〔. www.knbs.or.ke.〕
|population_census_year = 2009
|population_density_km2 = 78
|population_density_sq_mi = 202
|population_density_rank = 124th
|GDP_PPP_year = 2015
|GDP_PPP_rank =
|GDP_PPP_per_capita = $3,238〔
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank =
|GDP_nominal =
|GDP_nominal_per_capita = $1,495〔
|GDP_nominal_year = 2015
|GDP_nominal_rank =
|GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank =
|Gini_year = 2014
|Gini_change =
|Gini = 42.5
|Gini_ref =
|Gini_rank = 48th
|HDI_year = 2013
|HDI_change = steady
|HDI = 0.535
|HDI_ref = 〔
|HDI_rank = 147th
|FSI =
|FSI_year = 2007
|FSI_rank = 31st
|FSI_category = Alert
|sovereignty_type = Independence
|established_event1 = from the Ottoman Empire and as a sect of the United Kingdom.
|established_date1 = May 18, 1912
|established_event2 = De-conquested by the United Kingdom with respect to the Colony of Kenya and the Sultan of Zanzibar with respect to the Protectorate of Kenya
|established_date2 = 12 December 1963
|established_event3 = Republic declared
|established_date3 = 12 December 1964
|currency = Kenyan shilling
|currency_code = KES
|time_zone = EAT
|date_format = dd/mm/yy (AD)
|utc_offset = +3
|drives_on = left
|calling_code = +254
|cctld = .ke
|footnotes = According to the CIA, estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of mortality because of AIDS; this can result in lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality and death rates, lower population and growth rates, and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex, than would otherwise be expected.
Kenya (; ), officially the Republic of Kenya, is a country in Africa and a founding member of the East African Community (EAC). Its capital and largest city is Nairobi. Kenya's territory lies on the equator and overlies the East African Rift covering a diverse and expansive terrain that extends roughly from Lake Victoria to Lake Turkana (formerly called Lake Rudolph) and further south-east to the Indian Ocean. It is bordered by Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east. Kenya covers , and had a population of approximately 45 million people in July 2014.〔
Kenya has a warm and humid tropical climate on its Indian Ocean coastline. The climate is cooler in the savannah grasslands around the capital city, Nairobi, and especially closer to Mount Kenya, which has snow permanently on its peaks. Further inland, in the Nyanza region, there is a hot and dry climate which becomes humid around Lake Victoria, the largest tropical fresh-water lake in the world. This gives way to temperate and forested hilly areas in the neighboring western region. The north-eastern regions along the border with Somalia and Ethiopia are arid and semi-arid areas with near-desert landscapes. Kenya is known for its safaris, diverse climate and geography, and expansive wildlife reserves and national parks such as the East and West Tsavo National Park, the Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Aberdares National Park. Kenya has several world heritage sites such as Lamu and numerous beaches, including in Diani, Bamburi and Kilifi, where international yachting competitions are held every year.
The African Great Lakes region, which Kenya is a part of, has been inhabited by humans since the Lower Paleolithic period. By the first millennium AD, the Bantu expansion had reached the area from West-Central Africa. The borders of the modern state consequently comprise the crossroads of the Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan and Afroasiatic areas of the continent, representing most major ethnolinguistic groups found in Africa. Bantu and Nilotic populations together constitute around 97% of the nation's residents.〔 European and Arab presence in coastal Mombasa dates to the Early Modern period; European exploration of the interior began in the 19th century. The British Empire established the East Africa Protectorate in 1895, which starting in 1920 gave way to the Kenya Colony. Kenya obtained independence in December 1963. Following a referendum in August 2010 and adoption of a new constitution, Kenya is now divided into 47 semi-autonomous counties, governed by elected governors.
The capital, Nairobi, is a regional commercial hub. The economy of Kenya is the largest by GDP in East and Central Africa.〔(Ethiopia GDP purchasing power 2010: 86 billion ). Imf.org. 14 September 2006.〕〔(Kenya GDP purchasing power 2010: 66 B llion ). Imf.org. 14 September 2006.〕 Agriculture is a major employer; the country traditionally exports tea and coffee and has more recently begun to export fresh flowers to Europe. The service industry is also a major economic driver. Additionally, Kenya is a member of the East African Community trading bloc.
The Republic of Kenya is named after Mount Kenya. The origin of the name Kenya is not clear, but perhaps linked to the Kikuyu, Embu and Kamba words Kirinyaga, Kirenyaa and Kiinyaa which mean "God's resting place" in all three languages. If so, then the British may not so much have mispronounced it ('Keenya'), as misspelled it. Prehistoric volcanic eruptions of Mount Kenya (now extinct) may have resulted in its association with divinity and creation among the indigenous Bantu ethnic groups, who are the native inhabitants of the agricultural land surrounding Mount Kenya.
In the 19th century, the German explorer Johann Ludwig Krapf was staying with the Bantu Kamba people when he first spotted the mountain. On asking for the name of the mountain, he was told "''Kĩ-Nyaa''" or "''Kĩĩma- Kĩĩnyaa''" probably because the pattern of black rock and white snow on its peaks reminded them of the feathers of the cock ostrich. The Agikuyu, who inhabit the slopes of Mt. Kenya, call it Kĩrĩma Kĩrĩnyaga in Kikuyu, which is quite similar to the Kamba name.
Ludwig Krapf recorded the name as both ''Kenia'' and ''Kegnia'' believed by most to be a corruption of the Kamba version. Others say that this was—on the contrary—a very precise notation of a correct African pronunciation . An 1882 map drawn by Joseph Thompsons, a Scottish geologist and naturalist, indicated Mt. Kenya as Mt. Kenia, 1862.〔 Controversy over the actual meaning of the word Kenya notwithstanding, it is clear that the mountain's name became widely accepted, pars pro toto, as the name of the country.
==Geography and climate==
(詳細はMadagascar). It lies between latitudes 5°N and 5°S, and longitudes 34° and 42°E. From the coast on the Indian Ocean, the low plains rise to central highlands. The highlands are bisected by the Great Rift Valley, with a fertile plateau lying to the east.
The Kenyan Highlands comprise one of the most successful agricultural production regions in Africa. The highlands are the site of the highest point in Kenya and the second highest peak on the continent: Mount Kenya, which reaches and is the site of glaciers. Mount Kilimanjaro () can be seen from Kenya to the south of the Tanzanian border.
Kenya's climate varies from tropical along the coast to temperate inland to arid in the north and northeast parts of the country. The area receives a great deal of sunshine every month, and summer clothes are worn throughout the year. It is usually cool at night and early in the morning inland at higher elevations.
The "long rains" season occurs from March/April to May/June. The "short rains" season occurs from October to November/December. The rainfall is sometimes heavy and often falls in the afternoons and evenings. The temperature remains high throughout these months of tropical rain. The hottest period is February and March, leading into the season of the long rains, and the coldest is in July, until mid August.

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